Voting is a fundamental right we share as citizens and it is critical to determining who our policymakers will be. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who don’t vote or aren’t even registered to do so.

Voter Education

If part of your organization’s strategy is to enact pro-business policy, it’s important to ensure there are pro-jobs candidates elected into office. Educating your employees on issues that affect your industry, where candidates stand on those issues, and then encouraging their participation in the voting process, is a major priority. Employees hear from a lot of outside sources– they should have information on the candidates and issues that affect their jobs and be provided the tools to make it easy to exercise their right to vote.

BIPAC provides best-in-class voter education tools and resources. Our websites are easy to use and will quickly assist employees in finding election information, dates and deadlines. If you are overwhelmed trying to create the right messaging or collateral, we have toolkits that will help to ease your burden and encourage employees to vote.

  • EZVote tool
    • Voter registration
    • Polling place look-ups
    • Absentee/early voting information
  • Dates and deadlines by state
  • Find Your Candidates tool
  • Election Information page
  • GOTV toolkits
  • Sample messaging
65% of employees are more likely to vote vased on the information they receive from their employers
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