Formed as the first business political action committee (PAC) in 1963, BIPAC has a long history of PAC knowledge and expertise. Since our inception, we have recognized that the election of pro-jobs candidates is crucial to the prosperity of American businesses and employees. We also know that comprehensive relationship building with elected officials often starts with an endorsement and PAC check, along with a recognition of the importance of leveraging those relationships between elections.

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PACs are key to many government affairs programs as they help to elect candidates to office who will determine policy moving forward and aid in building relationships with elected officials. BIPAC understands the challenges PAC professionals face and we provide solutions to help grow and strengthen your PAC programs. Our websites, electronic enrollment, and online prior approval forms allow for easy access to information and the ability to participate and contribute. Our strategic guidance, messaging, and content help make your PAC more effective.

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o    Online prior approval for associations
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21% of employees donate money to a person or organization for a political purpose

Contact: • (202) 833-1880

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