BIPAC Membership Benefits

Founder Level

At the Founder level of membership, BIPAC collaborates with you to create and develop custom strategies for your grassroots advocacy, GOTV, and PAC programs unique to your company or association. Our services offer the advanced tools needed to start, grow, and strengthen your programs, including up to ten customized websites, custom strategy, graphic design services and more. BIPAC also provides custom messaging and communications development, such as GOTV messages and solicitation letters.

  • All Leader and Explorer level benefits
  • 10 customized advocacy and/or PAC websites
  • District impact reports
  • Graphic design
  • Custom content, research, and strategic planning
  • Single sign-on security option
  • Who Do You Know key contacts tool

Leader Level

The Leader level of membership provides the basic tools and resources needed to implement a well-rounded political involvement program. BIPAC’s core suite of political engagement web tools and other services allow you to give employees easy access to up-to-date issue information plus a streamlined PAC contribution process via two customized advocacy or PAC websites.

  • All Explorer level benefits
  • 2 customized advocacy and/or PAC websites
  • Grassroots, GOTV, and PAC web tools
  • Bill tracking software
  • Federal legislator staff contact database
  • Speakers bureau

Explorer Level

The Explorer level allows members to take advantage of BIPAC’s extensive knowledge and expertise. Best practice case studies, sample communication plans and messaging are available to help companies and associations most effectively reach out to employees and members. BIPAC’s political insight and information about candidates, races, and elections takes much of the burden of research and analysis off the shoulders of its members.

  • Access to BIPAC Member Portal
  • Webinars and roundtables
  • Daily and weekly election analysis
  • Best practice newsletters
  • Direct connection to BIPAC’s state partner network
  • Strategic consultations
  • Your logo added to BIPAC generic collateral
  • District list matching

Local/Regional Chamber of Commerce

BIPAC helps local and regional chambers of commerce to be a leading voice in the community on the issues that affect job creators in their area. BIPAC’s tools, resources, network and knowledge help you provide the tools your members need to educate their employees and other stakeholders about the people and policies that impact their jobs and industries and encourage them to stay involved throughout the entire year. We make it possible for local chambers to leverage valuable employee assets to impact public policy and to turn out informed, economic-minded voters.

  • One customized advocacy/PAC website
  • Web tools such as letter campaigns, voter registration, PAC enrollment form, and bill tracking
  • Access to samples, toolkits and best practice resources via BIPAC’s Member Portal
  • Invitations to webinars
  • Strategic consultation with BIPAC grassroots and GOTV experts
  • Receipt of BIPAC communications to include election analysis and best practice newsletters
  • Your logo added to BIPAC generic collateral

Contact: • (202) 833-1880