Grassroots advocacy efforts are only as strong as the citizen participants involved. By becoming educated on the issues and interacting with their elected representatives, employee advocates have the opportunity to make a difference in the legislative process. Employees use their communications and interactions with elected officials to voice support for or against legislation affecting their industry and their own jobs.

Kelly Johnston

Organizations with successful advocacy programs know the value of grassroots activities and encourage their employees to participate. As employees learn more about how business issues impact their own companies and jobs, they become empowered to participate in the public policy process. From a legislator’s perspective, hearing directly from constituents affected by a specific legislative proposal is integral to forming a sound understanding of the policy matter in question.

BIPAC provides a number of grassroots advocacy web tools and resources that make it easy for you to engage employees and other stakeholders, and leverage their participation as a part of your policy goals. From grassroots websites and letter writer tools to white label messaging and creation of issue infographics, BIPAC has everything you need for a successful grassroots advocacy program.

  • Letter writing tool to federal, state, and local officials plus custom targets
  • Voting Records/Key Vote scoring
  • Find Your Elected Officials
  • Congressional staff contact database
  • Bill tracking
  • Constituent mapping
  • Economic impact reports
  • Key contact tracking
  • Issue infographics
  • Government 101 page
  • Advocate training resources
  • Strategic planning
  • Best practice information
  • And more….

Contact: • (202) 833-1880

1.  Congressional Management Foundation – July 13, 2016

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