The tools and resources available with BIPAC membership are key to building successful advocacy, GOTV, and PAC programs. We help you engage your employees and other stakeholders in the electoral and legislative processes to ultimately elect pro-jobs candidates and foster a pro-prosperity agenda through voter education, grassroots advocacy, and PAC participation.

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BIPAC has more than 50 years of experience in helping private sector organizations across a wide variety of industries to implement successful voter education, policy advocacy, and PAC programs with strategic advice, content, and engagement tools.

Employer-to-employee (E2E) engagement works, the research1 is clear:

  • Employers are the most credible sources of information.
  • Employees want to hear from you and welcome employer involvement.
  • Employees view employer-provided information as beneficial and will use it when voting.
  • In-person visits from constituents are more influential than visits from lobbyists – personalized letters and calls from constituents also have a lot of positive influence.2


We are the business community’s premier provider of tools, strategies, and political intelligence, committed to increasing the political effectiveness of America’s job providers. Companies, associations, and other organizations of all sizes, including many Fortune 100 companies rely on BIPAC’s suite of services, tools, analysis, and strategies to achieve their policy and political goals.

Time and resources are limited, so our memberships provide:

Websites and Web Tools
Customized websites utilizing BIPAC’s grassroots, GOTV, and PAC tools help to facilitate a conversation about the importance of political involvement by providing information on your issues and programs, and allowing your employees and other stakeholders to learn about their government and engage in the legislative and electoral processes.

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Content and Resources
In a world where time and resources are limited, BIPAC aims to make your life easier by providing readymade political, election, PAC, grassroots, and GOTV white-labeled content and toolkits. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?

Strategic Guidance

We take a comprehensive approach in aiding and assisting BIPAC members to accomplish their legislative and electoral goals through the creation of strong political involvement programs. BIPAC strategies power the advocacy, GOTV, PAC, and political activities of a wide cross-section of American employers, industry trade associations, issue coalitions, and business organizations.

Voter Education
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PAC Services
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1. BIPAC/Moore Information Survey – November 2016
2 Congressional Management Foundation – July 13, 2016

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