See what some of our state partners are saying about Employer-to-Employee (E2E) advocacy and working with BIPAC:


Scott Hawkins

“You should know that oil tax reform passed the legislature over the weekend! House vote was 24-15 and Senate concurrence vote was 12-8. The bill is not perfect, not everything that industry wanted, but is a massive improvement over the status quo. Industry is pretty pleased.

This victory is huge — the culmination of three years of effort. Even more exciting is that the Prosperity tools were a central part of the effort. Our major “sister” organizations all directed their members to the Prosperity letter writing engine. The multiple emails that went out from Chambers of Commerce, RDC, Alliance, etc., and even major private employers linked directly to the ProsperityAlaska site. As a result, over 12,400 letters to legislators were generated on the oil tax issue alone. In this state, that is a LOT!”

Scott Hawkins, President & CEO of Advanced Supply Chain Integrators
Member of the BIPAC Board of Directors and Chairman of the Prosperity Alaska state affiliate


Martin Wilson

“Every day, government actions influence the quality of life for Californians. The Momentum tools provided by BIPAC help our advocacy efforts to protect the jobs, wages, benefits, health care, and livelihood of every employee in our state”

Martin Wilson, Executive VP Public Affairs, CalChamber


David N. Taylor

“Pennsylvania businesses operate in a highly-regulated environment where lawmaker decisions directly impact the Commonwealth’s economy. During each election cycle, candidates for local, state, and federal office establish issue platforms and advocate for policy reform. By using this website, voters in Pennsylvania can learn where candidates and elected officials stand on issues important to our prosperity.”

David N. Taylor, President, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

Contact: • (202) 833-1880